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Hey loves! Welcome back. Okay so today we’re getting into the aesthetics of the wedding – I’ve covered decor in a separate post since someone did ask how we went about choosing our wedding theme you can read more on our wedding vibe in the link I’ve provided for you.

We decided – well more more than Chris lol decided to have Fan Programs for our wedding. Truthfully, I believed the programs were a chic and inexpensive way to outline our schedule and keep our guests cool just in case it was too warm during our afternoon ceremony. As an avid D.I.Yer I really wanted to feature elements which expressed that side of our creativity. Chris is a web guy and overall techie so we designed our wedding invitations and programs ourselves and did our website using Anyways, I’m only talking about the programs today lol.

What you’ll need:

  • JUMBO Popsicle sticks (you can usually find these at any craft or stationery store)
  • Pre-printed Wedding Programs – single or double sided
  • Ready Stick Glue (at least two if you’re making over 100 programs) or double sided tape
  • Ribbon or Twine ( optional)
  • Xacto Knife

We designed our wedding programs on Canva and you can sign up for free! Here’s what they looked like:

Wedding Program Side by Side

Wedding etiquette usually dictates that the female’s name comes before the male’s name – I subscribe to this as well but we found out after all the programs were already printed so – that’s now a lesson for us lol.

Here’s a closer look at the front:

Front of the Fan


And the back:

Back of the Fan

Of course we had a hashtag to capture all the memories of the day – you don’t need to have one but it seems to be direction of weddings in this century. We organically came up with our hashtags but if you need help deciding on what to use, check this out. I’ve also linked two videos I found helpful in making the wedding program fans here and here . If you follow these steps you’re sure to have a finished product you’re happy with and that your guests will love!

Happy Crafting!


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