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Q: “How did you guys decide on an overall wedding day theme and vibe?

Thanks for asking! 😊 here are two major ways:

1. Brainstorm your thoughts, ideas & share your feelings

There are so many ideas floating around online on how to execute your “ideal wedding”. Truth is, you two determine what ideal is for you. So there are some questions you’d need to consider: Do you want a royal theme for the wedding or something more along the minimalist route? Lots of real flowers or would you rather recycled paper for paper flowers? Will your wedding day be a black tie formal affair or a more casual occasion? For us, we found that identifying a vibe that best captured our personalities was the best route to take. Chris is definitely the more spontaneous one, I’m more calculated in my movements. That being said, I knew what I wanted and I had the Pinterest boards are proof lol! Finding a middle ground wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be but we had multiple discussions on a concept that worked best. Which landed us at a rustic meets chic meets vintage meets backyard style menu kinda blend. I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to follow every rulebook – it’s your day, so make it all you want it to be within your budget <- CRITICAL. Which reminds me, the vibe you choose will directly impact the styling of your day, the menu options, what attire your bride tribe and groom squad wear, the venue etcetera so be sure to give it some thought so you’re not scattered all over the place trying to execute too many things.

Now you may ask, how’d you guys tie in 4 aspects to create one theme and the answer is streamlining. You can also implement a selective element methodology where you underscore what you two really, really like and know you MUST have. Choose what’s applicable and discard what isn’t. Also, ladies if you find that hubby-to-be isn’t as fussy about certain things as much as you are, it’ll be okay their brains tick differently than ours. If you find he’s definitely into the process then sing your hallelujah chorus lol!

I love butterflies so one of our decor team members made paper flowers and butterflies for our arch and Sand Ceremony jars. Chris loved the idea of string lights and that was a celebratory moment for me because I LOVED string lights too so we had those hanging over our reception area – beautiful setup. When I say rustic, I’m talking babies’ breath flowers, burlap runners, re-purposed wine bottles as centerpieces and DIY knick-knacks. We served grilled potatoes, BBQ chicken, pasta with various sauces and salad – you get the idea. Very backyard BBQ kind of food. We decided on Coral, Navy, and White as our colors with gold accents. This palette blended well with the presence of the browns and burlaps. Our decor team did a PHENOMENAL job of bringing our journey and personalities to life in the cutest ways.

2. Execution

A plan is just a plan without hands to the plow. So after months of compiling my Pinterest Board, I got to work on materials. I’d say I’m a DIY kinda gal so I started gathering wine bottles, spray paint, balloons and whatever else was a part of the “What you’ll need guide” on Pinterest. What’s critical to note here is that being a DIY bride doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself <- MAJOR key! Enlist the assistance of a core decor team and your bride tribe to lend a hand with some of the projects so you aren’t stretched too far. Be sure to communicate clearly to everyone involved so they capture the essence of what you guys are going for as a couple. Show them photos, create mood boards, show them your Pinterest board, have powwow meetings, it’s up to you but be sure to communicate clearly so that the execution is what you guys want.

Our team did a radical job and brought some aspects of our journey to life in ways that we didn’t even think about. The little pockets of our relationship were uniquely captured and I so wish I could’ve packed up the entire vibe along with design\layout and unpack it in our home. Twas absolutely magical! Shoutout to our decor team, bridetribe and groom squad who pulled things together!

That’s it! Hope this helps and happy discussing 🙂 I’ve included some photos below:

Shaq 💜

Cake Table


String Lights


Sand Ceremony Jars w/ Butterflies

Arch w/ Paper Flowers & Butterflies


Reception Area


Repurposed Wine Bottle Centre Pieces


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