Hello everyone!

Becoming All has been a dream of mine for many years. The brand is still growing and exists to Equip, Encourage, and Inspire women from all walks of life because although we differ in many ways we can relate to each other about many things.

The blog serves as a gentle reminder that life is a process, an excursion from cocoon to taking flight. On the blog, I will share parts of my journey, about things and people I love. You can expect to read REAL content from a REAL person managing life’s highs and lows, so you can basically say we’re now virtual besties!

Here you’ll find content ranging from my experiences with a budding family as a young wife and home manager, navigating life with my husband Chris, to faith-filled nuggets that will Equip, Encourage and Inspire you.

I trust my experiential and faith-centered journey will stimulate movement in your heart to spread your wings and fly. Each of us has a deep longing inside of us to achieve greatness. It’s kinda like that butterfly inside patiently waiting to emerge from its cocoon and I’m simply here to offer nuggets and nudges so we can fly together!

Don’t be shy, drop me messages, leave comments, submit topics you want me to cover, and share your feedback. Let’s rock this journey together!

I can’t wait to meet you!

..the story of the caterpillar's transformation from cocoon to butterfly is not solely based on the nature and beauty of the butterfly once it emerges, but the process it endured before it took flight to discover the universe.

- Shaquille Millar