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Okay so in one of my previous posts I mentioned that Chris got ill while on our honeymoon and it was TOTALLY unexpected. In reflection, it made me think about some other essentials that should’ve been in my luggage along with that saucy lingerie and I think this list can help you too. Here’s my go-to below:

Sewing Kit

Grab a small one which has at least the needle and thread. I found one at the Dollar Store so maybe you can try there or your local craft shop. Buttons, tears, small rips can take a fab outfit to a drab outfit so be sure to pack a handy sewing kit to take care of those pesky snags.

Barf Bags

Pack extra just in case motion sickness occurs while traveling. We had to ask our neighbors if they were using their barf bags when Chris started to hurl in flight – yikes! You can make these yourself simply by stuffing a regular shopping bag (without any holes in the bottom or anywhere in the bag really) with a good amount of paper towels – like Bounty or another sturdy brand. Take a few sheets of the paper towel and literally pack them into the bottom of the plastic bag. Then fold the bags really small so they can fit into any compartment of your handbag/luggage. When we were coming back home I packed at least 4 in my handbag and then another set in Chris’ backpack – his stomach was not playing! Quick and easy to grab when the going gets tough! P.S – Alert your in-flight cabin crew if there’s barf in any of the bags since they have to handle these with special care.


I’m not a doctor! So if there is any special medicine you need please consult with your GP to avoid any clashes. But if your partner knowingly or unknowingly suffers from motion sickness or they happen to catch a tummy bug I’d recommend having some Gravol on hand.  Gravol helped to settle Chris’ stomach a whole lot after we got home. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any when we were in the US – no one seemed to have ever heard about Gravol so you’d definitely want to buy this before you jet out if it’s sold in a pharmacy near you. Anway, I ended up buying Dramamine instead, thankfully, this partially worked for about an hour or so but after that, we were needing more barf bags.  Dramamine is really for motion sickness and Chris had Gastro so it was a temporary fix for the time being.

Hand Sanitizer

Seems pretty straightforward but don’t forget! You’ll be doing loads of sightseeing and shopping, dining out and handling some of everything so be sure to have a sanitizer handy. Also, your in-flight sani has to be 3oz to be allowed on board.

Smelling Salts

You can get this over the counter at any drug store. In Barbados, this would be equivalent to Alcolado, but it’ll help with any nausea while in flight or on the ground.

These are just a few of the things you’ll need for sure because you never really know what may happen and when.

Shaq 💜

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