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There were a few factors we considered when we trying to decide on where to go for our Honeymoon. We got married in the middle of December, so it was really about finding somewhere that wasn’t frozen over and not too expensive to get to. There was the option to honeymoon at home in Barbados, but since there is such a high surge of visitors to the island during winter, rooms are booked up and/or expensive! We also didn’t want to have a winter wonderland vacation this time around so we began to look for places that wouldn’t get too cold and didn’t have snow.

Choosing our Destination:

If you’re currently trying to decide where you should go, consider deciding what kind of vacation you want to have. Do you want an action-packed holiday with thrilling sights and sounds?Or would you rather experience something at a more moderate pace? This is especially important based on when you get married and how soon after you’ll honeymoon. We finally decided on Fort Lauderdale! Now, I’m a research kinda girl so I started to research things to do in the city, best ways to get around, where to go, concerts in town during the time we were there – the works! The weather in FLL was similar to Barbados during that time of year and there was a direct flight right up to FLL which meant no excessive layovers or hurried connections – yippee! We booked our flights hassle-free directly on Jet Blue

Choosing our Accommodation:

This part is tricky! Again, think about what kind of honeymoon you and hubby-to-be imagine having. Do you rather a resort with unlimited amenities like daily breakfast, housekeeping services, pool, and Wi-Fi? Or are you guys looking to camp out in the middle of the woods on some wild adventure? I mean, the options are endless! We actually got blessed with a gift of accommodation prior to our wedding but mother nature had different plans. As I mentioned, we got married in December 2017, but in September of the same year, a category 5 hurricane whipped through the area where we were supposed to stay in FLL. We were monitoring the hurricane over its course of development, as we experienced some of the effects here in Barbados as well. All seemed fine regarding the hotel until we got an email in November informing us that they were looking for persons to volunteer cancelling their room because sections of the property had undergone damage – umm what?! Yep! And if they didn’t get enough volunteers, they’d have to force cancel. Let’s just say about 3 weeks before our wedding/honeymoon they sent another email stating they didn’t receive enough volunteers and would have to force cancel reservations. So there we were, tickets booked but nowhere to stay. CAN. YOU IMAGINE. THE DISAPPOINTMENT?

Airbnb To the Rescue:

We decided to check out places on Airbnb and to our delight, we found some really great accommodations in another location not too far from where we were to stay initially. Skeptical, I started researching EVERYTHING I could find about this new area and I double and triple read those reviews about our potential host. We locked in our dates and the entire experience superseded all my expectations. The Cozy Sanctuary was immaculately clean, looked exactly as pictured and our host Andrae was excellent! If you guys are heading to FLL and need a place to stay shoot me an email so I can send the details.

Planning the Itinerary:

Where the food at tho?! lol! Chris and I are pretty straightforward people – we are both here for the food! 😂 While researching our location, we checked out the nearby food joints and when we arrived our host also gave some info on where to go. Sawgrass Mills also wasn’t too far away from where we were staying and we had the chance to head down to South Beach, checked out the sights, sounds, and shopping of course! We ate lunch at a bar called Wet Willies – ’twas good vibes! So plan your itinerary around what you’re both interested in so that both are you are happy!

Getting Around:

We considered renting a car for the duration of our stay but we found Uber to be more economical. Chris suggested a roaming package for our cells so we could call Ubers, I said we’d be fine – babe there’s WI-FI everywhere! Thank God that man followed his heart😂 Calling Uber wasn’t a challenge at all, all our cab drivers were efficient, helpful and courteous. I’d also recommend having a separate tab on your credit/travel card for Uber rides because they don’t take cash. We didn’t know that they didn’t take cash as we don’t have the Uber service in Barbados and this is one thing I neglected to research – haha! Be sure to research what’s the best way to get around on your honeymoon. If your accommodation is far out, check to ensure there’s efficient Uber/taxi service or a reliable bus /train route if you don’t mind taking the public transportation. Rent a car if you’re down for an adventure!

These tips guided us as we planned our first holiday as newlyweds! Even in the face of adversity ( hotel cancelling the room), it all worked out in our favour. We got an amazing host and an incredible experience full of memories! Don’t overthink it too much, have fun exploring the options.

Shaq 🦋

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