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What do you see when you look at yourself? I mean what are some of the first things you notice when you look in the mirror and see your reflection? Do you automatically see all the things you wish you could un-see? If I’m honest with ya I see the spots and blemishes, the pimples and dark marks and that darn crooked eyebrow that is always unlike the other when I shape it -ughh! Though I know there’s more to me than what meets the eye, sometimes it’s hard to look on by those immediate “faults”. And let’s not talk about all the voices – sometimes screams, of outsiders that contribute to what is otherwise called self-image *shrug* – some days it’s tough in these streets but we’re going to get through it together * hi-5*

A few months ago I challenged myself to do a mirror test, nothing too complicated right? Wrong. Here’s how it worked – every-time I went to the mirror I’d look at myself and vocalize a few things I KNEW I wanted to accomplish. I’d say things like Shaquille you are an excellent writer and you’ll become an author in your not too distant future. Shaquille your blemishes are a part of who you are not a definition of who you are, love them and work on them. I spoke life to myself instead of cursing my image every-time I held that mirror, even when my eye spotted a pimple I know wasn’t there the day before.

This is why I’m provoking you to action by asking you to the take up the mirror challenge. For 1 week, challenge yourself to look in the mirror and see past your skin, spots and blemishes. Make it a part of your self care routine and if you don’t have one of those there’s a good chance that you can find out how to start your own routine here. <- #helpful!

There are some of you reading this who’ve stashed away your dreams in a memory box; pushed them so far into a vault hoping to forget because you don’t think you’ve got what it takes to make those dreams a reality. Or, you don’t think you’ve got what it takes because someone else told you – “you’ll never make it, your dream is too big!” *NEWSFLASH* Yes you can!

I’ve found that the mind can slip into majoring on minors and minoring in majors especially when those closest to us don’t catch the vision immediately but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Truth is, this happens when we don’t see value in ourselves, and chances are you don’t think you’re capable of doing what you really can do!

So yeah, without making this post too lengthy – I’d like you to take that mirror and look at yourself every day for 1 week ( take another week if you feel led to), then think about the reason you’re here in this moment and what good you can contribute to the world around you. It could be your skill, talent or sheer gift. You could be a babbling brook ( this means you’re talkative :’) ) someone who prefers to work behind the scenes or you’re just straight up here for people empowerment and making a better life for yourself. You could be an artist/ artiste, mathematician, creative or a well of great ideas – there is value in you and digging into that value starts first by realizing that it exists.

So go back and look again and this time with a renewed vision of who you are. Keep looking until you don’t realize that the blemishes have diminished right before your eyes. Keep looking until you see purpose and value written all over your face because you start to ooze your potential through your pores – deep right? Your value is more than skin deep, it’s more than the pimples on your face or freckles on your cheek. It’s more than the mistakes you’ve committed, it more than your faults and shortcomings, your value is SO MUCH MORE. Believe me when I tell you-you are worth it! And the victory over self-doubt and hatred will be worth it as well!

# KeepGrindng!

Here are some starter phrases you can use for the #BecomingAllMirrorChallenge:

1.- [Insert Name], Your dream is worth pursuing! Get back on your feet and start walking that path again. Explore your gifts and abilities so you can chart new paths.

2. [Insert Name], You are not the negative words spoken to you or about you! Learn to sift the good, bad and ugly. Not everything needs to enter into your psyche, you control what you can and what you can’t you let go.

3. [Insert Name], Your process will not be like your neighbor’s! Comparison will stifle your abilities.

4. [Insert Name], Your journey will help out another brotha/sista. Don’t despise what you’re going through. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt is that it’s not always about me but about those that can benefit from my existence. Adjust your sails and keep swimming against the tide!

Don’t give up, your first steps to Becoming All you’re meant to be often starts with how you see yourself. Give it a shot!

Cheers to your best days ahead

Shaq 💜


Tried the Mirror Challenge? Tell me how it went in the comments. Share your feedback and encourage someone else #BecomingAllMirrorChallenge

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