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I’ll tell you, it almost always feels like summer living in the Caribbean. We mainly have sun shining days with some showers here and there but there’s good weather for the most part. Chris and I work during the week and sometimes our weekends are filled with activities too but  on the days that we don’t have meetings or commitments – let’s just say weekends are for exploring!

A Caribbean Summer

Chris and I usually try to get out of the house on weekends, since most times we’re either working from home or under a pile of laundry because – reality lol. Recently we’ve been more intentional about spending a few hours outside of the Millar Mansion which has led to some pretty cool adventures. A few weeks ago we did a photo shoot with a couple Chris randomly met on the beach during Global Outreach Day. It turns out that, that particular Saturday was their first day on island and not only were they really nice but they were professional photographers who wanted to shoot a few locals on the island. Who would’ve thought?! We got dressed in our wedding wear and were blessed with the chance to hang out a bit and shoot with them on Brandons Beach.

The Millars @ 6 months. Shot by Hannah & David Ford Instagram: @hannah_lightpainter | david_lightpainter

The Millars @ 6 months. Shot by Hannah & David Ford Instagram: @hannah_lightpainter | david_lightpainterThe Millars @ 6 months. Shot by Hannah & David Ford Instagram: @hannah_lightpainter | david_lightpainter

There was something special and hilarious about wearing our wedding wear again. I was quite confident I would fit into my dress, Chris, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure if he would fit into his suit. Thankfully everything was as good as December 16th, 2017 even if with a better hug in all the right places 😉.

Speaking of the beach, once summer is in, heading to the beach is a MUST in Barbados! We’d usually frequent Carlise Bay as this is a hot spot to lounge around, frolic in the water and snorkel. While at the beach having a sno-cone is a definite must – Red w/ a dash of coconut, please. For my readers who aren’t in Barbados, a sno-cone is a crushed ice drink usually filled with different concentrated flavors. If I had to think of something it’s similar to I’d say an Ice Slushie – if you ever travel to Barbados definitely try a sno-cone, it’s the perfect pick me up to cool down on a hot day.


The Famous Safilooba Shake!

Anyway, most of our getting out usually lands us at either a local attraction or trying out a foodie spot we’ve had our eyes on or both. The weekend of our 6 month anniversary *yayy* we went to BLISS to celebrate and we were not disappointed. BLISS is a cute family owned boutique restaurant that pumps out THE BEST omelets and toasties I’ve ever had in my life. I mean that food took me to food heaven! I work in the hospitality industry so whenever we head out I’m in review mode – lol. Sometimes it’s kind of difficult to turn off the hospitality mode and just be a customer but this spot was really worth to visit! If you guys ever head out to BLISS be sure to try their Safilooba Shake – SO GOOD!

Truthfully, since the location at Bliss is so small, it does get pretty crowded with the number of people passing through. That being said, on the inside is quite warm too – even for me as a local’ we opted to sit outside. The cashier & co-owner of the restaurant encouraged us to sit with another couple which I wouldn’t have had an issue with had it been a different occasion. The family style seating leads to creating new friendships and encouraging conversation with other folks but this time around we preferred to sit with each other and recollect on the past 6 months of marriage which by the way have been pretty epic – I’ll write more on this later. The food will make up for the short wait and the heat.

Here’s a look at the Toastie and Omelette:

                          Egg, Tomatoes & Cheese Toastie W/ Sausage

          Turkey Ham, Cheese & Tomato Omelette W/ Sausage

                                                        Harrison’s Cave

                                                 Here we are inside the cave

So far we’ve visited Harrison’s Cave, Surfside in Holetown ( they serve some of the best BBQ wings in Barbados – I’ve linked their menus for you guys & their Facebook page) Oistins, Cafe Luna ,Castaways and Cocktail Kitchen with the mandatory but occasional Chefette in the mix. With so many more days of summer who knows where we’ll end up next?!

I’ll share more of the places with you here but also check out my foodie runs & adventures on my Instagram Page Bits and Bites Barbados to see what I get up to on the next adventure.

What do you guys do during the summer? Hit me up and let me know!

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