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Today, I hope you’re able to come to grips with the fact that you are literally staring uncertainty in the face and that it’s okay. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out and pieced together. It’s okay if your children are not sticking to the schedule you had set out for them at the moment. It’s okay if you feel a bit agitated sometimes as this thing unfolds. It’s new and strange. It’s okay if you are feeling the eerieness of the air because having a response to abnormal stimuli is in fact, normal.

It’s normal. You’re normal. You’re human and humans were made to feel.

Hope In the Stillness….

I want to remind you that there is still hope in stillness. There is hope to be found in the embrace of your child or partner. Even if you want to lock yourself away in the bathroom for a 10-minute (more like 30-ish minute) breather before or afterward. Hope to be found in a Zoom call even though you’d much rather be in physical contact. There’s life on that other line.

There are so many theories floating around about what this time should be for us. But the truth is, you determine what it’ll be for you. You determine if you want to work on your hustle some days and rest other days. You determine how this time will be spent and don’t you dare lean into the feeling of being lesser than, because of someone else’s projection.
I understand. I get it. I, too, am still working through the thousands upon thousands of thought processes. The thoughts that say “yes, if I don’t come out of this period with a sharper skill, or more this, or a well-executed side hustle, then I’ve wasted the time and really lacked discipline in the first place just like the innanet – *translated internet* gurus said. Annnnddd, then there’s the reality of burn out I come face to face with. Mental fatigue πŸ‘πŸΎ is πŸ‘πŸΎ NO πŸ‘πŸΎ joke.

If you take away nothing else from this post, please take this. Focus on what you can control. There are a whole lot of moving parts and pieces outside of our control right now, use your energy reserves to focus on what you can control.

Turn the news off for a little bit. Limit your screen time if you must. Stop scrolling and consuming the things you know FULL well drain your energy. Be very keen about how you spend your emotional currency In Light Of COVID.

You Are Still Becoming…

This is just a pop in to remind you that you are still Becoming. You are Becoming resourceful. Resourceful and more aware of yourself. You are learning how to make a latte *translated a lot* from a little – even if you don’t have espresso and milk in your pantry. You are Becoming a home chef or an avid baker as you diligently provide meals for yourself and/or your family on a limited pantry. Yes, even when you never thought you’d step foot in the kitchen EVERY. SINGLE. DAY πŸ‘€.

You are Becoming better at managing your wants and needs because we’re being encouraged to determine necessities when shopping. You are Becoming better – period, the best version of yourself for this time if you allow. And you should allow because we’re all in this unfolding together. This is the time to-get-her. To get the you, that’s being developed just for a time like this. What does she look like?

You’re still Becoming darling, despite all that’s happening around you. The growth within will soon tell the tale of today when today becomes history tomorrow. Grow well. Bloom well. Take care of yourself – mind, body, and spirit. And give yourself grace upon grace.

I also want to share a song. Make that 2 songs, with you that have been keeping me afloat In Light of COVID. Find one of them here, and the other one right here. Play them as often as you’d like, bellow out the choruses as loud as you’d like, or bop your head in quiet agreement. Whatever is your groove, mosey on with it.

Today, I hope you can find rest in knowing that God is for you. Though uncertainty is all around, you can find an oasis of hope in knowing that this too shall pass. Take it one day at a time, especially, In Light of COVID. One day at a time darling, one day at a time.

Cover Photo Compliments: Dil @thevisualiza

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  • Kathilia Edghill says:

    This was all so so good sissy! “Though uncertainty is all around, you can find an oasis of hope in knowing that this too shall pass.” – yes yes and yes! Thank you for penning this post and sharing it with us Lovie! May you be encouraged by the words you penned as well! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’œ

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