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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new series “This Is For…” The aim of this series is to provide you, my valued and esteemed online family with tools, insight, nuggets of encouragement and virtual pats on the back using practical steps you can apply to everyday life. Content will touch a few areas so there’s a bit of something for everyone regardless of what stage of life you’re at.

I will also feature some of my friends and mentors to share in the journey because I know their perspective will encourage growth in all of us. So be sure to stop by as often as you’d like to see what we get up to because I know gems will be dropped.

I’m hoping this series will provide you with applicable tips and ah-ha moments that challenge your perspective and invite you into a space of reassurance. Into a space where you are reminded that although Becoming All comes at a price, you shouldn’t choose to live in a mold that was never meant for you to be in.

Today’s post doesn’t feature a guest so you’ll have to deal with me 😆🤣 It’s entitled “This Is For….When You Have To Leap” – click here to read.

– Shaquille


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