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Heya! Did I catch you at . a good time? You’re probably taking a moment out of your day to settle yourself by now – stationed somewhere with your head wandering into a myriad of thoughts. So many unanswered questions about who? what if? And maybes. Perhaps you stumbled upon this excerpt by “accident” but this might actually be the intervention you need, however you found this reminder cherish it. In this season it appears as if nothing makes sense, you have tried your hand at many things but circumstances are working against you instead of for you. Folk you trusted disappointed you and you feel as though you should be so much further along by now but you feel stuck instead. You are consumed with your family, your house and kids. You aim daily to make everyone happy but your tank is running on fumes. If you are reading this and nodding your head in agreement saying yes, that’s me. Take a moment, lock away from the buzz of your surroundings and savour this nugget of reassurance:

“Our Lord and Father Jesus Christ has you right in the palm of His hands.’ It’s time to refill!

I want to remind you that your worth is not determined by how much you get done, how much quiet time you manage to get in a day. Your worth has very little to do with the clothes on your back, the car you drive or the circle with whom you associate. All of these material things count as nought in the sight of our Lord. He simply desires you – ALL of you! You are worthy of love in His sight.

As God’s chosen we are not characterized by the things this world calls worthy. In Romans 12:2 Paul reminds us not to be consumed with the things of this world, instead, he admonishes us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Of all the words I could find to define renew I love that synonyms such as “breathe new life into” and “recondition” are associated with the word renew. This process of renewal is not a one-off thing that occurs and never happens again, neither can it be an activity we only use when we feel like we’ve sinned and fallen short. Truth is, we need to renew our minds daily and purge our system of the mentalities of the world. We’re raised in various environments which played a part in shaping our understanding of what worthiness looks like. The thinking toward worthiness is this: In order to be deemed worthy one must have done or attained some success to be considered. Maybe you feel as if you have to prove yourself to God in order to have Him bless you, but my sister it doesn’t quite work like that. Jesus is a good Father who delights in loving on His children, He doesn’t count you as worthy or shower His love on you because of anything you do for Him or have in your possession; chances are you may be feeling heavy and bombarded right now because of a thwarted mentality.

I hear you telling me, “Well this process is easier said that’s done.” True – but the opportunity to fix our gaze on Christ is before us. Although the process gets bumpy along the way we have to discipline our minds to trust in the Word despite what meets the natural eye.

The world pushes its ideologies at us and tricks us into thinking that we cannot be considered worthy because we’ve chosen the wrong path. The world preaches that if we forgive people it makes us the wimp, that if we turn the other cheek we won’t get the revenge our flesh seeks. The world’s system tells us that we can sustain and satisfy ourselves, or, that we need a relationship to feel complete. Darling, when you chose to follow Christ you were considered family immediately. You were born again into an eternal aristocracy. How amazing is it to be called from darkness into His marvellous light? (1 Peter 2:9). With this understanding alone we see that the patterns of this world are cannot be compared to what we believe as God’s chosen.

Our worth is found in Christ simply because we are now set apart and “Not Like the Rest”

Maybe you haven’t caught sight of this vision as yet or maybe you caught the vision of God’s love for you but something happened and has now caused you to doubt you’re worth to Him. Believe me when I tell you that Jesus is madly in love with you and His desire is to see you operate at your best. We are reminded in Jeremiah 29:11 that the plans He has for us are to cause us to prosper and give us hope so He won’t let us fall away from His presence. Again Paul encourages us to set our minds on things that are lovely, pure, praiseworthy, admirable, honourable and confirmed in God’s word (Philippians 4:8) this means a daily rejection of what the world feeds us and holding close, the truths found in God’s word where our worth is concerned.

Nothing in this world will satisfy that longing in your heart except the love of Jesus – will you let Him in? My heart reaches out to you for the times you would have availed yourself to someone at the wrong time and they left you feeling worthless. I want to tell you that worthlessness is not your portion. Sister, make today the day you choose to see yourself through the eyes of Christ. Determine in your heart to seek first the Kingdom of God and all its righteousness (Matthew 6:33).

If there is one thing I can reassure of it is this, it gets better than what you are currently faced with. It doesn’t matter who has come and left you, the folk who never saw you as worthy or valued your opinion – Jesus loves you and He is longing to give you reassurance only if you will allow your heart to accept it. I know, it hurts to be left high and dry by the ones you love and those you so passionately pursued but a new life beckons. You’ve been bought with a price, You were worth it all to Jesus and He went to the cross just for you! There is no greater love in the world that so vigorously pursues you daily!
Make today the day you rest in His promises, you are worthy of His love and He is waiting to overtake you with His blessings.

Father, today I denounce every mindset that will turn my mind against you. I pray against the spirit of performance that makes me feel as though I have to prove myself in order to earn your love. Though my spirit is heavy, I set my gaze on You knowing that you will deliver me from my troubles. I ask that You would walk me through the process of forgiveness and show me those things which I need to let go, the things that keep making me feel worthless – help me to replace these things with thoughts that are lovely, pure and honourable. Jesus, thank you for loving me daily even when I feel least lovable, thank you for considering me worthy of Your love. Today I recommit my heart to You and ask that You teach me daily how to see my true value which is in You alone. Amen!

Scripture Focus: Romans 12:2; Philippians 4:8

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